Sensors and sensors, sensors
What are the classification? What function?
What are the differences between the three?

This problem must have more than 20 years of practical skill to do effective explanation

Sensors and Sensors:
        These two statements are in fact the same, but the different areas of different lectures,
        In Taiwan, we can measure the original equipment regardless of the output signal and measurement methods, are collectively referred to as "sensor"
        Because Taiwan's own R & D and production of these things are still behind the world's advanced countries and China,
        The vast majority of imports are still the main, only a number of pan-device components such as electronic scales of the sensing element can be mass-produced,
        The other is not impossible, but the Taiwan market is too small,
        So the market under the guidance of different traders is not easy to really understand the difference between them,
        Naturally there is no certain collectively standard, so we are measuring components or extension products are called "sensors."

sensor : 
        Refers to the measurement of non-metrological components and their extension of the broad general term, such as our anti-theft system installed in the infrared probe,
        TV receiver to receive infrared remote control signal probe, the accelerometer system in the seismograph,
        Car parking sensor system in the butt up the proximity switch, etc. .....,
        As these originals belong to a major or minor component of the system-wide,
        And function alone can not complete the whole system required by the ultimate goal, in this case we collectively
        These components and equipment for the sensor, and some can output analog metering signal, while others are digital switching signal.

        In the mainland as the so-called "sensor" refers to the measurement components, without pre-amplification,
        Filtering and other measurement equipment, etc. .. collectively referred to as "sensor", with pre-amplification and even display those collectively referred to as "transmitter"
        For example, in Taiwan, we want to buy a pressure sensor, the manufacturer will ask you what kind of output signal to you,
        There mv / v, DC 1 ~ 5V, DC 4 ~ 20mA output and with no display let you choose,
        In the mainland is not the case, mv / v called "sensor", DC 1 ~ 5V, 4 ~ 20mA called "transmitter"
        Points very clear, because the mv / v is not pre-amplification filter processing,
        While the DC 0 ~ 5V, 4 ~ 20mA is processed,
        So in Taiwan regardless of measurement or non-metering components and equipment, broadly referred to as "sensor"
        To measure the main in Taiwan called "sensor", in the mainland called "sensor" and "transmitter";

         In addition there are a variety of different uses of temperature sensors, pressure sensors, sensors, infrared sensors
        , The distance from the sensor Infrared detectors light sensors, thermal sensors, distance sensors, temperature sensors,
         Pressure sensors, sensor types, pressure sensors, light sensors, etc. ... ...



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