Company Introduction

 A.    Background
    (Honesty is our core value. Thoughts and actions consistent with commitment. 
     "Sincerity" is honest, "Credit" is responsible)

     Research and Development:
     Several years of experience in the design field. Various uses of sensor switch R&D.

     Manufacture:
     t has been 20 years of manufacturing experience in the professional field

     Product History:
        Our products have established a good credit reputation in various industries.
        Various types of automated machinery industry, machine tool industry,
        tire industry, food industry, electronics industry, cylinder manufacturing, etc.

     Q.C.:
CE ISO 9001


B.    Technology R&D
    (We take the concept of the global localization with cultural feelings to make customized goods)

     The company's product life cycle is long, and has a sophisticated technology with professional equipment.

     R&D focus on improving production efficiency, energy conservation, precision perfection,
        maintain product quality and other projects.

C.    Business operation and prospect
    (Continuous research and innovation to improve the company's technological level)

     Liang Yi Automation Co., Ltd.
        which R & D and supply in the induction sensor switch is one of the leading companies in Taiwan.

     In the field of the Switches Sensor from 1996 to 2016,
        we have more than 13 years of design experience and 20 years of manufacturing experience.

     We deeply understand your unique demand and the high target of quality,
        and hope can create the more competitive advantage to you.
        With strictly control the production process and quality control testing,
        Liang Yi automated high-quality products have been widely used in several of
        automation machinery industries and electronic manufacturing products.

     Under the technology leadership Liang Yi Automation Co., Ltd.
        is willing to continue of research and development.
        We would satisfy the needs of each product and between the owners,
      while achieving a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

D.    Important advantages of marketing policy

     advanced technology

     excellent quality

     manufacturing cost

     reasonable price

     prompt delivery

     long-term supply

     the openness market

     improve services

     customized development (design and production)

Manufacturing customized on inductive sensors and switches

Magnetic reed / Level / Float